Zendesk Viber Connect

Zendesk Support (simply Zendesk further) is a system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.


You can communicate with your customers who prefer to use Viber via your Zendesk. By default, Zendesk does not provide this service, but Viber Connect application adds this functionality. You can install it using Zendesk Marketplace.


The application establishes a new communication channel with Viber users who reply on your Viber Service Messages. New incoming messages become tickets in your Zendesk, and processing accordingly. Agent's answers will be sent straight to your customer's Viber messenger.




Follow these steps to use the application:

1) Login to your Zendesk with administrator account and click on Apps/Marketplace link in the menu. A new window with Zendesk Marketplace will open.


2) Find Viber Connect application in Channels section, click on it and press Install button. Popup window will appear. Enter your Zendesk account domain and press Login button. The application will be linked with your Zendesk. To install it press Install button.


3) Click on Channel Integrations link in the menu. Choose Viber Connect. In the appeared window choose Accounts tab. Press Add account button, enter Account name and Account password that you have received from the application developer and save.